PMD Pro: Self Study Site

We have organized a set of open and accessible resources about the PMD Pro project management certification (Level 1) that will prepare you to take the qualifying exam. Everything you will need for your study is right here for free.

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The PMD Pro Guide

This guide is the complete body of knowledge for all the PMD Pro courses and the core document in your self-study.

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Online Learning

7 complete online modules to complement your study. Taking you through all the PMD Pro Model, Principals and Disciplines.

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Study Plan

Put together by our experienced and qualified trainers this guide will help you navigate the tools and phases to leave you with a better understanding.

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Extra support

There are also helpful coaching videos, tool templates and access to a sample exam, to help you utilise your learning.

Access tools and forms and coaching videos

While the resources to learn PMD Pro are free, you will need to pay the PMD Pro exam fees to become a certified PMD Pro project manager.

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