Our Partners

LINGOs partners with private sector companies dedicated to our mission. Through the dedicated support of our partners, LINGOs is able to offer members free or deeply subsidized access to award-winning learning products and services.

Staff from LINGOs Member organizations access some of the best eLearning, virtual classroom and blended learning courses, from anywhere in the world!

LINGOs Members are able to design, develop and deploy customized learning for their global audiences with LINGOs-supplied rapid eLearning authoring tools and virtual classroom platform.


LINGOs Partners include the following for-profit companies who are dedicated to the cause of our member organizations. Contact Chris Proulx (chris@lingos.org) if your company would like to donate services, content or technologies to LINGOs.

APM Group is a leading accreditation, certification and qualification organisation recognised internationally by government agencies.  They have a worldwide presence, with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, China, Germany, Denmark and the US.  They operate a management-by-project approach and, wherever possible, engage others with specific expertise in particular fields.

Articulate enables users to create professional-looking, compelling courses that fully engage learners with stunningly simple, remarkably powerful software from Articulate. Packed with powerful e-learning functionality, Articulate’s intuitive tools make it easy for anyone to deliver polished interactive content—every time. Articulate has more than 30,000 customers in 120 countries and the largest, most active community in the industry.

Blackboard Collaborate provides live Web conferencing and eLearning solutions. The company ensures the best user experience through superior quality VoIP, communications that are in-sync regardless of connection speed, broad cross-platform support, and advanced yet easy-to-use moderator tools.

Cegos is a leading European training provider with over 80 years experience is contributing its library of more than 200 e-Learning modules available in 12 languages to LINGOs members. Topics range from management and leadership, sales and marketing, and purchasing, to individual and collective effectiveness, project management, finance, and more. LINGOs members can access CEGOS Group courses in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Czech, and Dutch (not all courses are available in all languages).

Coaching out of the Box® offers cutting edge, high impact coaching skills training and support products designed specifically for organizational managers, executives and learning and development staff. Based on the world’s most advanced methods and theory in coaching, our training is designed to be experiential versus cerebral and takes participants directly into application of skills. We hit right to the sweet-spot of value with our easy to use and highly transferable 5/5/5 framework for coaching into everyday business applications.

Easygenerator supports the e-Learning authoring process for professional authors and SME’s. The platform is easy to use yet rich in functionality. Because it’s online it offers facilities for cooperation and workflow. Creating innovative e-Learning was never so easy.

eCornell – Established and wholly-owned by Cornell University, eCornell provides exceptional online learning experiences tailored for professional and executive development in the areas of strategy, leadership and management development, human resources, financial management, and hospitality management. Collaboration between Cornell faculty experts and learning and user-experience designers provide for engaging, rigorous, and interactive learning.

eLearning Art provides a library of 10,000+ eLearning images, enabling eLearning developers to develop better training faster.

eLearning Guild is a Community of Practice for e-Learning design, development, and management professionals. Through this member-driven community, we provide high-quality learning opportunities, networking services, resources, and publications.

Harvard Business Publishing brings managers and leaders throughout your organization the ideas, practices, and programs that can help them succeed.

HT2 are experts in online learning and software engineering, they use their skills to research and develop industry-leading products, helping organisations get more from their learning investments. They are widely known as the owners of Curatr – the award-winning social learning platform

Ingenuiti was founded in 1996 with an emphasis on supporting our clients’ globalization efforts. After becoming established as the most specialized of all localization companies in the area of eLearning translation, Ingenuiti began supporting clients with their eLearning development needs. Ingenuiti is now a leading provider of global learning solutions, servicing clients with content conversion, eLearning development, and content translation. Their custom learning solutions and client tools help optimize user experience and learning retention for all of your content. Ingenuiti works with a number of non-profit organizations and at the end of the day, they are passionate about helping support your mission by providing on-time, quality deliverables!

Insights is a global people development company that starts with the individual. Insights tools and approaches help those critical to your business success understand their strengths, what they can do to address their challenges, and how to maximize their impact in the workplace.

NetDimensions is an enterprise learning management system and talent management system provider whose global learning and performance solutions help organizations achieve productivity & efficiency improvements, cost reduction, risk management, and cultural & process innovation.

OpenSesame uses killer technology to connect the buyers and sellers of elearning directly in a marketplace where courses are easy to purchase and connect to *any* LMS. OpenSesame’s goal is to create a marketplace where both buyers and sellers thrive and elearning is accessible, easy to implement and rewarding for everyone. OpenSesame is co-sponsoring the third eLearning Global Giveback with LINGOs and the eLearning Guild and enabling their seller community to donate their courses to LINGOs members.

Principled Technologies provide fact-based marketing and learning services that help your entire organization, through Weejee their award-winning team of instructional designers, developers, graphic and animation artists, social media specialists, and technology architects creates highly effective learning experiences by making them highly entertaining.

QuickLessons is a leading web based collaborative course development platform utilizing out of the box interactive and engaging content including games, quizzes, exercises, templates and our unique animated avatars. With individual and multiuser account options, customers can create and manage high quality Flash based content from anywhere and anytime for unlimited offline, online and LMS use.

Rustici Software is the leading provider of products and services to assist organizations with SCORM conformance. Their primary business is SCORM consulting; it is what they specialize in and what they do best. Basically, they make SCORM easy.

sfG Software is your ‘small friendly Giant’, providing a ‘giant’ service to their customers while delivering all the benefits you would expect from a ‘small and friendly’ company.  sfG Software are the creators of MentorNet and the outstanding features that enable and enhance both face to face mentoring and eMentoring, and provide a secure environment for building effective mentoring relationships.

Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation. Skillsoft provides cloud-based learning solutions for our customers worldwide, who range from global enterprises, government and education customers to mid-sized and small businesses.

Speexx helps large organizations everywhere to drive productivity by empowering employee communication skills across borders. Speexx is a leading provider of award-winning cloud-based online language training solutions.

Think Buzan‘s iMindmap is an adaptable tool is useful for just about anything: planning, organizing, creating, presenting, problem solving, communicating and much more. Think Buzan’s ambition is to share its knowledge of mental literacy techniques that combine visual and spatial aspects with keywords to enable the brain to be most efficient, giving new clarity and greater control of thinking processes, and therefore much better mastery of one’s life.