Together we explored how learning is the solution

Global Learning Forum 2016





Our exciting program of expert-led keynotes, speakers and workshops inspired great thought in how we can enable learning as the solution.



130 Change makers across 82 organizations met to learn and share how we can expand our reach and impact with great success.

Learning is the solution – and was the focus of the 2016 Global Learning Forum. Our next step as a community is to turn our commitments into action.

Helping those doing good… do it better!

Driving change

Together, we can all do more. We worked to shape our sector by collaborating on learning solutions that anyone can use.

Delivering strategy

We learnt how experts at some of the world’s largest organizations design and deliver their training. 

Development and aid organizations around the world face the same challenge: making major change happen with limited resources.

Let our members tell you why they attend

I think the forum opened my eyes to many opportunities out there and the importance of becoming more involved . Many experts attended and it’s always great to learn from different members.

Mohammad ZeitounMohammad Zeitoun

Genome training& Consulting

The wide array of experience and knowledge in the room was great…

Janet HumphreysJanet Humphreys


I learned many things. Just a few are… how to best market our e-learning platform, how to take greater advantage of LINGOs’ resources, opportunities to collaborate with other LINGOs members on content, how to use social for learning, curation techniques.

Michelle TurchinMichelle Turchin

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

This was the first forum I have attended, and the best part was the ability to connect face to face with other non-profit professionals who are operating with very similar challenges and situations. I’ve told others within my organization that the group was small but had all the “right” people there to connect and collaborate with.

Rebekah CooperRebekah Cooper


I know it sounds cheesy, but I am seriously a LINGOS cheerleader. I proclaim this even more proudly after this year’s forum. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for all of your hard work. Not only do you deliver incredible tools, and offer exceptional customer service, but you are also so kind, generous and fun! It was wonderful to see/meet you at the forum 🙂

Vanessa LuciusVanessa Lucius

American Refugee Committee

Thanks to our Sponsors

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